The trooth is an amazing thing. It makes us laugh, cry, learn, and live. Sometimes it comes to the rescue, sometimes it is unwelcome, but it is always the trooth. It is with that sense of awe, reverence, hope, and joy for this thing called the trooth that we developed troothpicks.

Perfect for ending a meal, serving an hors d'oeuvre, or delivering a message, troothpicks add to the fun of almost any occasion whether a sophisticated dinner party, a jovial birthday party, or a laid back evening at home.

Made with high quality toothpicks and printed with a non-toxic, non-water soluble ink, troothpicks deliver easy-to-read sayings in a variety of different categories. Check out our products page to see the different lines available, or request a custom phrase or announcement.

Our goal is to deliver a quality product that makes you and your guests smile. Troothpicks have made countless people smile already. Now it's your turn.